The new way of

safe data transport

and management

Our concept for connecting companies,

cities, countries, continents –

but also cultures




Trust in a good partnership

DSN Group is convinced that mutual trust
is the fundament of sustainable partnerships.

Trust in Swiss engineering

DSN Group believes that Switzerland has much more to offer than nature and traditions.
 We have excellent engineers and a broad knowledge, which DSN uses also abroad
for building networks and service points meeting Swiss quality standards.

Trust in cross-linked operations

DSN Group trusts in the expertise and capabilities of our strong partners.

By connecting these capabilities with our own Swiss operation center

we build highest quality offers for our customers.





Building only what is essential

DSN Group only builds own connections and installs

own equipment at strategic regions and for unique services
(like ‘OnDemand’ services).

Sharing what can be shared

DSN Group believes that sharing what is not strategic
will generate strong partnerships and as a consequence

lower investment costs for all involved parties.

Growing faster by focusing

DSN Group believes that by sharing non-strategic assets,

all partners involved can focus on their strategic objectives

and thus grow faster while keeping their unique market position.





Cost benefits result in profit

By following the sharing concept all involved parties will be able
to reduce investments, fixed costs as well as running costs.

Unique offerings

In some segments, the telecom industry faces a price erosion driven by competitive behavior.

By collaborating we can not only save costs, but also establish new,
unique offerings much faster with a long-lasting competitive advantage
(approx. 1-2 years).

OnDemand services

Based on growing demands, DSN Group and selected strategic partners

already started working on such an unique offering,

to be promoted on the market within the next few weeks.




DSN offers new ways

of safe data transport

and management



Independent fiber backbone

The DSN Group builds, operates and distributes an independent,

 highly secure high-performance fiber backbone

with multiple geo-redundancies.


The backbone connects all major cities, data centers and telehouses
within Switzerland as well as several international POPs in major areas
with a starting capacity of 20Tbit and soon over 40Tbit.

DSN operates partially on an own backbone and partially on the backbones
of strategic partners, offering sufficient Swiss as well as international capabilities.

Swiss operations

All connections worldwide are managed by our own Swiss operation center
to assure overall Swiss quality standards.





Professional network operator

DSN Group is a professional network operator with own DWDM equipment and
Network Operation Center (NOC) to assure stable, continuous and secure connections.

B2B wholesale only

DSN Group acts solely as a B2B wholesaler for large national and international carriers,
NGOs and NPOs that are managing large data volumes.


DSN Group is not active in the B2C or SME segments.
End-customers will be served by our full-service partners.

Strong partners

Through an extensive worldwide network of strategic partners our clients have access
to a broad range of additional IT-infrastructure capacities,
like data center services as well as local loops etc.



DSN helps its customers
to make their business more
effective and profitable




Substantial cost benefits

Customers profit from substantial cost benefits due to a simple
business model and a high scalability of all services.

Affordable geo-redundancies incl. AES 256 bit encryption

By using the most modern technical equipment DSN Group can offer affordable
dedicated ‘exclusive’ bandwidths, multiple geo-redundancies and end-to-end encryptions.

OnDemand services

DSN Group is offering a new ‘OnDemand’ service with fully flexible booking

of time and capacity, easy to book on a customer portal.

Full control for our clients

DSN Group only offers bandwidths – which enables our customers to sell, manage and
control all data flows and additional services by themselves.





Simple & Supportive


Bild 1


Customers can operate any amount of connections using max. 1 or 2 providers.

Customers can manage and control all data flows and additional services by themselves.


Everything should be made as simple
as possible. But not simpler.

- Albert Einstein





Efficient & Flexible


Picture 2


Cost efficiency and flexibility through scalable costing of flexible multi-destination ‘OnDemand’ services.

Affordable solutions for business critical redundancy needs of data flows and storage.


Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which
can utilize existing material to the best advantage.

- Jawaharlal Nehru




Available & Secure


Picture 3


High capacity & availability provided by multiple geo-redundancies and many diverse connections.

Highly secure data flows through exclusive connections and
an AES 256-bit encryption with imperceptible latency.


The widespread availability of information is the only basis
for effective day-to-day problem solving, which abets continuous improvement programs.

- Tom Peters




Product Portfolio


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Our POPs are in all major cities,

data centers and telehouses





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